Citizens of the World a Success!

OmeProductions hosted it’s first annual Citizen’s of The World – Food and Clothing Drive for Haiti at Pier 59 Studios, NYC!

In total we collected 27 – Thirteen gallon sized bags of clothes, shoes, linens, and health care supplies and 4 boxes of canned goods.

If you missed the chance to take part, not to worry we will be hosting these drives monthly for an indefinite period.

The people of Haiti need Citizens of the World today, and although more that 4 weeks have passed the country is upon its darkest hours. More bodies are being found daily, and more people are homeless, orphaned, widowed or handicapped emotionally or physically by this tragedy.

As a Citizen of the World we have a social and global responsibility to help the people of Haiti and all that suffer.

The second part of this great effort has begun, i.e. getting these items to Haiti. We are suggesting a donation of 10.00 towards this effort or a purchase of a Citizens of the World t-shirt for 25.00. Please remember that this is an continuous effort, if you are not able to donate today, please re-visit the site when you are!

Citizen of the World t-shirt

email – for further details and t-shirt purchase and availability. The paypal link will be active by Saturday, February 13, 2010.

Please give and give generously to this cause.

All donations will go to the following:

Episcopal Diocese of Haiti

Sisters of St. Antoine in Fondwa

St. Damiens Childrens Hospital

One generous 'Citizen'


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